EyeGage’s 2022 Trends & Goals

EyeGage’s 2022 Trends & Goals

Coming off a stellar 2021, EyeGage is continuing the momentum into 2022 by making an impact in the healthcare and automotive industries. With major accomplishments including launching the mobile application, becoming part of Google for Startups Black Founders Fund, and winning the 2021 Southern Automotive Conference’s Innovation Test Track Competition, EyeGage’s 2022 strategic plan has the company set for success.

Some major 2021 highlights additionally include:

  • Raising approximately $300,000 from crowdfund, awards, pitch competitions, and investors.
  • Publication features in TechCrunch, Automotive News, NPR, Atlanta Voice, and Georgia Tech.
  • Growing the company to a total of 9 employees/contractors and 5 advisors.
  • Collecting approximately 11,000 eye datasets.
  • Secured a pilot with Excel Airport Services to increase data collection.

“Last year, we brought on seven people including a ML/CV Researcher, Human-subject Researcher, Administrative Assistant, CMO, CTO, CFO, and Substance Abuse Advisor,” says Dr. LaVonda Brown, EyeGage Founder and CEO. “Our fully-stacked team helped move the needle on tech development and we were able to release the beta version of the updated iOS and Android mobile app.”

In November 2021, Congress created a new requirement for automakers to include monitoring systems in all new vehicles to stop intoxicated drivers as early as 2026, as part of the $1 trillion infrastructure package. This requirement is projected to improve auto safety amid escalating road fatalities.

Dr. Nashlie Sephus, EyeGage’s Technical Advisor, believes EyeGage will become a huge player in automotive. “Self-help devices and tools that prevent harm in vehicle operation are always needed and it’s refreshing to see this area of tech grow as so many times it’s neglected or doesn’t get the attention it deserves. It’s apparent from Dr. Brown’s rising success in building interests and demand through her wins in 2021 that Eyegage will become a huge player in the market worldwide.”

Starting 2022 with an induction into JumpStart Foundry’s Fall 2021 cohort, EyeGage is excited about additionally making strides in the healthcare industry. Innovation in healthcare is becoming imperative due to the pandemic and has heightened  providers' need to understand virtual reality and machine learning. This places EyeGage in a unique spot.

“I believe Eyegage came about at a perfect time where the healthcare tech industry is on the rise and people are becoming more aware of their health,” says Dr. Sephus. The mobile technology and research EyeGage is conducting to understand different eye sets is projected to become an important part of healthcare innovation for years to come.

With EyeGage energized from 2021 wins and new legislation and trends to back its mission, EyeGage’s goals for 2022 are:

  1. Seed funding capital raise completion
  2. Lock in more pilot customers
  3. Further build out the proprietary dataset of eyes

“Dr. Brown has shown promise and excitement by being a black female founder and has a unique perspective on the subject matter as a technologist and through first-hand experiences,” says Dr. Sephus.

These goals, along with EyeGage’s foundation, will lead the company through a successful 2022.